Unparalleled Grooming

At Boxers Bed & Biscuits, we take a different approach to grooming. Our talented groomers don't have 10-12-Pet quotas to meet per 8-hour shift like most grooming salons. Our groomers only have 4-5 available appointments per day. Why do we do this? First of all, our experienced groomers can take their time to ensure that the most skillful cut is given without sacrificing the safety of the Pet. Second, the Pet is not rushed through the spa experience like a product on an assembly line. Instead, our loving groomers take time to stroke the Pet, talk to the Pet, and even give the Pet a break if it seems to be a little stressed. And finally, having a 4-5 Pet grooming schedule keeps our groomers stress-free so that their happy, relaxed disposition is internalized by the Pet, thus putting it at ease.  Nothing makes us happier than furry grooming clients that can't wait to get through our doors because they truly enjoy being pampered by our staff.


In spite of the extra time and effort we put into each one of our grooms, our pricing remains quite competitive with other area grooming salons.  Please call to speak to one of our groomers for pricing information based on your Pet's breed, size and coat condition. 


And why not make a day of it? Try combining Daycare with your Dog's grooming appointment for a real treat! Schedule your Dog for the last grooming appointment of the day, but drop him off early to play with the other Guests for several hours before his treatment begins. This accomplishes two things: (1) He is worn out and ready to sit still for his treatment, ensuring the most precise cut, and (2) He goes home to you, looking and smelling great with very little energy remaining to reverse the strides taken to make him beautiful! You may even want to consider using our LIMO Service when your schedule makes it impossible for you to transport your Pet(s).


Because we are a high-end Pet Hotel and Spa that takes every precaution to protect our Guests, we do not offer flea treatments or dips, nor can we groom any guests with fleas. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your Dog's grooming needs or you'd like to schedule an appointment. We request that you go online to register your Pet , and please remember to have your vet fax proof of Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and Canine Influenza Vaccines before your first visit as these are required!  (Once you are registered online, you can manage your account any time at petexec.net)




     Full-Service Baths include shampoo, condition, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim and anal glands (if needed).

     Desheds include all features of the Full-Service Baths, but with premium products specifically designed to loosen extra hair so that extra brushing and furminating ensure that you leave the extra fur with us instead of using it to line your sofas!

     Full-Service Grooming includes the same features as a Full-Service Bath or Deshed plus any scissoring or clipping of the hair.

     A la carte services:

  • Nail Trims, $10

  • Dremeling, $4

  • Ear Cleaning, $5

  • Dematting, $10 and Up

  • Paw Pads Shaved, Price Varies

  • Toe Hair Trimmed, Price Varies

  • Sanitary Trim, Price Varies

  • Face Trim, Price Varies

"Jennifer has turned my dog, Barney, into a show dog!  I've had him for 3 years, and never have people gone on and on about what a handsome dog he is until I started taking him to Jennifer.  He is an anxious dog, very nervous, and I think this positive attention has been beneficial to him.  Please tell her how much I appreciate what she has done for us."


Ledra Tanner

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