So... Your Dog Prefers the Company of Humans to Other Dogs, eh?

Well, We've Got a Pack for That!

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Whatever the case may be, (1) your dog just isn't very social, or he just prefers to be left alone, (2) your dog failed the temperament test at our Washington Boulevard location, (3) your dog is unaltered for breeding purposes, (4) your dog is older and prefers to sleep all day, or (5) YOU just prefer that your dog stay in a more traditional pet boarding setting that does not pose the same safety risks associated with group play  -- The Boxers Brat Pack may be right for you!


At our Braun Road Facility (our former main location at 4474 Braun Road in Belpre), we now offer traditional pet boarding services for clients such as those mentioned above -- and at a discounted rate, too! Because traditional boarding services do not require as many man hours to ensure a safe, group-play environment, Boxers Brat Pack is pleased to offer discounted rates at this location.  Less money, however, does not mean less love or attention.  Far from it!  

So how does the Boxers Brat Pack differ from its competitors that offer a similar style of pet boarding? For starters, there is no extra charge for play time or medication administration. Second, there is no such thing as 3-4-potty-break-days for our pet guests! Instead, our Boxers Brat Pack will enjoy plenty of unleashed, outdoor time and freedom to run and play in each of our 5 fenced yards.  Depending on occupancy and weather conditions, pet guests may have a yard to themselves for hours at a time, or they will be rotated inside and out every other hour for exercise. So really -- the only difference in service between our two facilities is the omission of group play among the Boxers Brat Pack. There is absolutely NO difference in the level of care given at either facility!

As an added bonus, Brat Pack employees offer FREE Enrichment Training to customers who need extra help with potty training, destructive behavior, overcoming fears, socialization, etc..  With the desire and permission of pet owners, our staff can work with Brat Pack boarders, gradually preparing them to enjoy the company of another dog (canine members of our tried and tested Boxer Pack). Be sure to ask us about this very special program, available exclusively to Brat Pack boarders.

Unfortunately, no grooming services will be offered at the Boxers Brat Pack, with the exception of exit baths, which will still be available prior to checkout at the same rates listed on the main Boarding Page. Be sure to schedule your dog's bath at the time of booking or at check-in to ensure a spot on the bathing schedule.

Check-in and check-out times are listed on our Home Page to ensure you understand when to expect early check-in or late check-out charges. Remember: we operate our Pet Hotel just like a People Hotel with designated times that allow us ample opportunity to clean and sanitize the suites for incoming dogs. So even though your dog can check in as early as 8 a.m. and check-out as late as 7 p.m., additional charges may apply. Be an informed consumer, and there will be no surprises when you come to take your Fur Baby home!

Convinced the Boxers Brat Pack is right for you and your Dog? REGISTER now, and call us right away to set up your Dog's stay.  No temperament test is required at the Brat Pack facility; however, your Dog must get along well with our humans on staff! Regretfully, aggressive dogs that have a history of biting cannot come to either Boxers Facility.  

And finally, our awesome Limo Service is also available for Brat Pack boarders!

1 Dog        $28/Night
2 Dogs      $42/Night
3 Dogs      $52/Night
4 Dogs      $62/Night
*Dogs MUST come with their own Food for dietary stability, or a fee of $5/day per dog will be charged for Purina One Lamb & Rice.
*We provide all bowls, toys and bedding. No items from home will be permitted in an effort to protect all pet owners from taking home unwanted fleas, bedbugs or other contamination.  We hope you will appreciate this restriction that is in place for your safety and protection!
* All Dogs must be clean, flea-free and healthy to be admitted to either Boxers facility. Proof of Rabies, DHLPP, Canine Influenza and Bordetella are required upon Registration or soon thereafter.

Also at the Brat Pack location, we offer an Exit Bath & Condition before checkout, a service of which only Boarding and Daycare Guests may take advantage! If you'd like to schedule this service, let us know when you Check in so that we can time it with your anticipated Check out.


  • Under 20 LBS, $12

  • 20-75 LBS, $20

  • Over 75 LBS, $30

  • Brush Out, $10

  • Nail Trim, $10




7am-7pm (8am-7 pm Brat Pack)

SATURDAY (& Holidays)



4pm-7pm ONLY





9 a.m. -5 p.m.




1301 Washington Boulevard
Belpre, OH 45714
T / 740-423-7777
F / 740-423-7779


4474 Braun Road

Belpre, OH 45714

T / 740-423-7777

F / 740-423-7779


1301 Washington Boulevard, Suite A

Belpre, OH 45714

T / 740-525-3333

F / 740-860-3517


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