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PAW-PLEX MANAGER Jessica Davis joined our team in 2015. She was born and raised in Parkersburg where she still resides with her husband, her doggie daughter Abby and her cat son Donovon. She loves cooking, hanging out with friends, experiencing the great outdoors and caring for animals, of course! Interesting fact about Jessica: she is a total magnet for our more neurotic pet guests who insist that she simply must be their girlfriend -- if ya know what we mean!

GROOMER Jennifer Seaman has been beautifying our guests since 2013.  Jen, an AKC Safety-certified groomer, has been grooming dogs in the Mid-Ohio Valley since 2008, specializing in the color design of standard poodles. She has one daughter and 6 Fur-Babies with whom she spends her free time.  Jen is famous for grooming the "un-groomable," more difficult pet clients who might otherwise have to be sedated, a practice that Jen abhors.  Jen oftentimes refers to her male dog clients as her "boyfriends." Uh... yeah! Her boyfriends! Ever know someone who is loved by everyone? Jen is that someone! She's as easy-going as a summer breeze.

GROOMER Savannah Bullock, an Athens County native, comes to us with six years of professional pet grooming experience, beautifying both dogs and cats! Since Savannah was a young girl, she could always be found loving on any animal she could get her hands on so it's no wonder that as an adult, she actually serenades the pets in her care to keep them calm and relaxed.  Savannah is mom to a boy and a girl, as well as two dogs, one cat, three fish and a bearded dragon! So... she works just to feed all of her "kids," for the most part! Savannah says that spending time with family is her favorite activity when she's not at work.

MARKETING DIRECTOR Emily Hardbarger excels at all things public and promotional, which is why she takes charge of all Boxers' special events, marketing campaigns and retail selections. Emily is a wife and mom to two cute kiddos, a boy and a girl, as well as one K-9 Kid. She lives out in the boonies, but she has the quick wit of a city girl, for sure. When she's not working for Boxers, she constantly exploring ways to be the best mom possible!

BRAT PACK ASSISTANT MANAGER  Ezra Stollar is the longest-serving employee at Boxers Bed & Biscuits -- with us since 2011!  Ezra is doggie daddy to two Fur-Babies, June and Milo. Ezra is also a fitness fanatic, so he pulls double duty as a personal trainer when he isn't managing the Big Dogs at Boxers! Ezra, with his serious demeanor and his stoic disposition, embodies the maturity level of a sophisticated gentleman, but when he laughs really hard, he sounds a lot like a squeaky, 12-year-old school girl! Gotta love us some Ezra!


BRAT PACK MANAGER Jacquie Duley is a lifelong resident of North Parkersburg where she enjoys spending free time with her two grown sons and 4-year-old grandson. Even as a child, Jacquie realized her love for pets when she preferred playing with stuffed animals over Barbie Dolls. When she's not busy performing the same cleaning task twice at Boxers, Jacquie enjoys doing volunteer work and spending quiet evenings with her cats. Believe it or not, Jacquie claims that being a K9 Caregiver at Boxers is the best job she's ever had, and she's even gone so far as to call her job "relaxing." Oh my! Her workmates claim that Jacquie's not above childish pranks to keep the fun times rolling at work. By the way, who, besides Jacquie, has mannequins laying around the house anyway?

PAW-PLEX CUSTOMER CARE SPECIALIST Haley Gates is a business major who is working her way through college by doing a job she actually enjoys -- loving on dogs all day! Haley is the proud owner of a Great Pyrenees named Myles whom she adores beyond words. Haley refers to all puppies as babies. "He's just a baby," is a guaranteed declaration spoken by Haley anytime she's got a young, playful pooch in her yard.  Haley is also believed to eat lunch from Gran Ranchero daily, which explains why every employee at the popular Mexican restaurant knows her by name.

K9 CAREGIVER Mandi Conner comes to us with several years of animal care experience, having worked at local veterinary clinics, shelters and pet boarding establishments for nearly two decades. This experience makes her the ideal candidate to manage our new veterinary operation, Boxers Meds & Fixits, which is coming soon! Mandi has a loving husband, a stepson and two dog kids that demand her attention when she's not at work.  Speaking of her free time -- Mandi loves going camping and attending concerts! However, her co-workers do encourage her to take her two left feet to stair-free venues since it's not uncommon for Mandi to negotiate our steps -- from top to bottom -- on her bottom.

HEAD GROOMER Jessica Parsons joined the Boxer team in 2017 as one of our very talented pet beautification specialists who just happens to have thirteen years' experience in the pet industry. Jessica is a wife and mother to one son named Easton, and their family includes three dogs, three cats, and one parrot. A funny little tidbit on Jessica -- she carries on full conversations with her pet clients while they're on the table, and she even pauses as if to give them time to answer! Can't wait to get this stuff on video!




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