Dog Boarding Rates
(Washington Blvd. Location)


1 Dog Guest ..... $35/Night

2 Dog Guests ... $54/Night

         (Family Suite)

3 Dog Guests ... $64/Night

         (Family Suite)

4 Dog Guests ... $74/Night


*No extra charge for play time  (We play all day!)

*No extra charge for medication administration

*Discounted Rates are available for stays over 14 days.

* Family Suites are ONLY available to Dogs who live together and are a part of the same family. Veterinary Records MUST reflect the same owner information.





We run our Pet Hotel just like a "People" Hotel. If your Dog  cannot Check out by Noon, you will incur a standard Daycare charge ($22/day for the first Dog; $14/day for the second, and $10 for each additional dog from the same family). Dogs that are not picked up by 7pm will have their Daycare charge removed and replaced by an additional night's Boarding charge. No check-outs will be done after 7pm.


Similarly, if your Pet must Check in before 2pm (Monday thru Saturday), you will incur a standard Daycare charge. There will be no early Check in available on Sundays so owners may need to board Saturday night if they are planning to leave town early on Sunday.


This policy is necessary to ensure we have adequate staffing and a sufficient number of hotel suites for the number of Guests on the premises at any given time.


This policy also affords our staff brief periods between Check-outs and Check-ins to clean and sanitize Hotel Suites while all of our remaining Guests are enjoying their naptime while listening to soothing music. 




  Boarding Requirements:


  1. Owner will need to REGISTER before our Staff can schedule a stay. Then contact us for boarding availability.

  2. Owner must present proof of Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (Canine Cough) and K-9 Influenza vaccines. If a Dog arrives without having had Bordetella at least 3 days prior to its stay, sadly the Pet will be denied access. 

  3. Dogs must be spayed or neutered. Very few exceptions (1.e. young pups, K9 Police Officers) will be made.

  4. Dogs must pass a Temperament Test, administered by our Staff. Dogs that have shown serious aggression cannot be considered.

  5. Dogs must arrive collared (no chokers), healthy, clean and flea-free. Expensive flea collars may be destroyed during play so remove them prior to arrival. Potential Guests must receive monthly flea treatments like Comfortis, K9 Advantix, Frontline, etc. Hartz treatments that are purchased at retailers such as Walmart do not offer adequate protection.

  6. Dogs MUST come with their own food to maintain dietary stability and avoid stomach upset. Dog Guests that come without food will be charged $5/Day for Purina One Lamb & Rice. Food must be stored in a hard plastic container that seals for freshness and protection. It should also be labeled with the Dog's name, along with feeding instructions. You will also want to pack prescription medicines and/or supplements, also clearly marked with your pet's name and instructions for administration. For safety reasons, please do not pack bedding, toys, rawhides, etc. These items may be overnight choke hazards. Rest assured that we provide comfy Kuranda bedding, blankets and bowls.

Five-Star Accommodations

Boxers Bed & Biscuits is a Fine Hotel & Spa for ALL breeds of Dogs and Cats (See our "Kitty City" Tab for more information on Cat Boarding). 


Dog Owners can book individual hotel suites or family suites, which can accommodate up to 3 Dogs (or 4 small Dogs) from the same family (Note: Veterinary records must reflect the same family ownership to qualify for family rates).


Our facility is a cage-free, free-roaming environment for non-aggressive Dogs that get along well with other Dogs, as well as their human caregivers. (Please review the Dog Boarding Agreement you will be required to sign digitally upon registration)


All of our Guests can expect clean, private rooms, and they can look forward to unlimited playtime, inside and outside. We do not offer executive or presidential suites because ALL of our suites are luxury suites, and ALL of our Guests are treated like VIPs. There is no hierarchy here so there is no preferential treatment that owners can purchase. Unlimited love and affection are included at no extra charge! The hotel staff is committed to keeping your "Babies" happy, healthy and entertained during their stay with us so they don't have any occasion for homesickness or separation anxiety. And when they go home, they tend to sleep for 2-3 days to recover from all of the stimulation and excitement.


Need further reassurance? Log into one of our high-definition PetCams for a sneak peak of your furry "Babies" at rest or at play. You may also stay current by watching our Facebook page where we upload Guest photos often.


Contact us for the best times to Tour our Facility!




















Because we do play outside much of the day (weather permitting), Dog Guests tend to get dirty and smelly from mouthing each other and from romping and rolling around in any mud puddle they can find. And... believe it or not, Dogs sweat!


For this reason, we offer an Exit Bath & Condition before checkout, a service of which only Boarding and Daycare Guests may take advantage! If you'd like to schedule this service, let us know when you Check in so that we can time it with your anticipated Check out.


  • Under 20 LBS, $12

  • 20-75 LBS, $20

  • Over 75 LBS, $30

  • Brush Out, $10

  • Nail Trim, $10 (Dremel filing costs an additional $4)







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*We provide all bowls, toys and bedding. No items from home will be permitted in an effort to protect all pet owners from taking home unwanted fleas, bedbugs or other contamination.  We hope you will appreciate this restriction that is in place for your safety and protection!

Want more traditional boarding options?  Check out our BRAT PACK!




7am-7pm (8am-7 pm Brat Pack)

SATURDAY (& Holidays)



4pm-7pm ONLY





9 a.m. -5 p.m.




1301 Washington Boulevard
Belpre, OH 45714
T / 740-423-7777
F / 740-423-7779


4474 Braun Road

Belpre, OH 45714

T / 740-423-7777

F / 740-423-7779


1301 Washington Boulevard, Suite A

Belpre, OH 45714

T / 740-525-3333

F / 740-860-3517


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