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Just like people, dogs are not all the same! They have different personalities with unique lifestyles, and they simply enjoy different things. For this reason, Boxers Bed & Biscuits offers two styles of doggie daycare from which pet owners may chooseDogs that thrive in packs and enjoy playing in large groups are best suited for the Boxers Paw-Plex on Washington Boulevard. However, dogs that are shy, insecure, overly dominant, slightly aggressive or just too old or tired to be bothered, will feel more at ease at Boxers Brat Pack on Braun Road. Why?  This VIDEO will explain how the facilities differ in terms of daycare. It will also answer questions such as "What is a Temperament Test, What do I need to bring to daycare, What time is Check-in/Check-out," and "How much play time will my dog actually get?"  


Then review our Pet Care Agreement that owners are required to sign digitally during the online registration process. We also invite you to review our comprehensive Price List prior to setting up your pet's reservation. Pet owners who plan to use our boarding and/or daycare services frequently, may benefit from our Boxer Bundle Platinum Membership (limited availability) or our Boxer Bronze Unlimited Daycare Membership.

And don't forget to check out the Live PetCams for your viewing pleasure and our Facebook Page for pictures of your pet in action!

DAYCARE  is as easy as 1-2-3...


1. Get protected.

Click on the orange button above to learn more about Boxers' vaccine requirements. Be sure to send our staff proof that your pet is protected, or have your vet fax shot records

to 740-423-7779.

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2. Get set up online.

Click on the orange button above to enter your pet's information and photo. Since our staff must see proof of vaccines, owners cannot complete those fields. 

Already registered? Just log in at to modify your account information.

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3. Get ready to play.

Dogs that stay or play at the Paw-Plex must first pass a Temperament Test.

Click the orange button above to learn more.

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