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The Owners

Rob and Angie Beck opened Boxers Bed & Biscuits in 2011 when they couldn't find ideal boarding accommodations for their three Boxer Dogs (Bruiser, Sheila and Fallon).  Since their beloved Boxers inspired the upscale, free-roam pet hotel concept, they awarded them the company's namesake.

Our Talented Management Team

Abstract Flame

Lori Shultz

General Manager

(Both Locations)

Jessica Davis

Paw-Plex Manager

Justin Kidd

Brat Pack Manager

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Cora Fountaine

Vet Clinic Manager

Emily Hardbarger

Marketing Manager

Amber Jones

Employee Training Manager

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Kelsey Frederick

Grooming Manager


Olivia Roberts 

Reception Manager

Kevin Miller

Maintenance Manager

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Jeannie Hartford

Paw-Plex Co-Asst. Manager


Paw-Plex Co-Asst. Manager

Trey Stephens

Brat Pack Asst. Manager